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Watch: Behind the scenes at a 2 Michelin star restaurant in New York City


The food scene in New York is world famous and Manhattan boasts some of the World’s best restaurants. If you work or live in the vicinity of Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street, chances are you’re spending a lot more time in the elegantly appointed Gabriel Kreuther, a two-starred Michelin in Manhattan. Gabriel Kreuther is known for Alsatian cooking and serves some interesting dishes, like Guglehupf bread with some really good chive butter, or the tartlet of smoked surgeon with sauerkraut and topped with some good caviar.

On my visit at Gabriel Kreuther I spent time behind the scenes seeing how their kitchen worked. While Head chef Joe Anthony carefully watches over the operation and ensures the consistency is always perfect, I was able to wonder around the kitchens and checked the duck ageing chamber. The purpose of a curing chamber is to create an environment with controlled temperatures and humidity that allows for dry curing of meats. My overall impression was good considering how busy this restaurant was.


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