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Planning Permission

How to open a restaurant If your thinking of opening a restaurant, before you invest your money, consider these… Planning permission Planning permission is so important, not every premise would be suitable. The local council have strict regulations on what uses a retail unit can trade as. If you need to apply for a change of use from A1 to restaurant use A3 you would need to submit an application into the local planning authority supported with documentation and full floor plan drawings, other applications may also be required. This is something John McClements Restaurant consultancy can help you with. Location Location is vital to the success of any food service business and is very important to select the right site with good footfall, transport connections, residential populations to be considered. If you find a property on a high street which requires change of use or you may consider buying an existing restaurant you may need to make alterations and upgrade your kitchen or extend your seating area you would need to submit a planning application. Get the right team Getting the right help is crucial depending on the size of your operating you are planning to open you would need to have the right team around you giving you the right advice which would include design specialists, PR + social media gurus, as well as HR advisers. Ensuring you have the right advice will save you time and money.

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