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Secret Diner Reports

Secret Diner Reports Our clients find this service very helpful. We will visit your restaurant, sample your food and observe how the restaurant is being run. We will then follow up with a full comprehensive report on your restaurants performance. The report is suitable to measure the service performance of your restaurant, hotel, cafe, or pub by letting an anonymous Secret Diner perform an assessment on your venue. Customers find our reports invaluable in understanding the real experience in detail. We would observe… Available staff - Upon entering the establishment is how many staff are working and if the staffing is adequate for the demand at that time. We will also check if they are wearing the uniforms correctly and have a pleasant appearance. Customer service - We will check if the service is friendly and assertive, if the staff introduced themselves and take care of the customers needs. Afterwards, we will review how they treat the customer upon finishing. Cleanliness and setting - We would also analysis the level of cleanliness at the entrance, the parking availability, the restaurant, toilets, along with the ambiance. If the music or noise is tolerable, if there is adequate lighting, if the smells are pleasant and if the temperature is comfortable. Wait time - We will measure how long it takes to carry out every activity, especially the amount of time taken to place an order, how long it takes for the order to arrive at the table and the time between dishes. Product knowledge - We consider this point quite important that all staff is familiar with the dishes or wines on the menu and have complete knowledge on how to describe a dish from the menu. Interest in the customers needs - This is a very important point, especially in these times of personalised service. We will confirm if the staff has understood our preferences, and if they are interested in satisfying them, and if they are offering solutions. Sales strategies - We would also observe if the staff has used strategies such as cross- selling or upselling to offer them better products, promotions and increase sales. Quality of food - This point would be mostly discussed. Is the product as it says it is on the menu, is the product fresh, is the presentation pleasing to the eye, does it taste good, is there enough variation on the menu.

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